16 January 2008

Weekly Roundup January 16

Well, this is proving to be an interesting week. No, not really. I’m jonesing a bit for a ride, didn’t get the trainer so that’s out, and still no mountain bike. I have to work on the later since I should be getting a sweet pair of grips from Fatty and Ergon. I haven’t been as good as I could in diet, haven’t put on weight though, at least I’m maintaining. Bottom line, it’s winter and I’m a wuss. Anyway, with that I give you the Weekly Roundup.

Fat Cyclist: The more I read Fat Cyclist, the more concern I have for Fatty. My pick for this week Pay Up Suckas: Report On Fatty’s ‘100 Miles Of Going Nowhere’ Epic is the follow up to whether or not Fatty managed to pull off his epic 100 mile journey. To nowhere. On a trainer. While watching Deadwood. Did he make the 100 miles? Can’t you answer that by the title? Oh, just read the story… It’s a good one.

Bunny Hop Rockstar: I’ve learned a lot of things this last week in John’s blog. One thing is apparently Chris is dandy, Dalton, GA is the carpet capital of the world (whatever that means), and nobody like “RAD” as much as I do. It’s a movie from my childhood that has a special place in my heart, and it caused a ginormous thread of comments. Oh! And there is a story about a bike race somewhere in there, with a ton of awesome shots of their rides. You should check out Snake Creek Gap it’s a sweet read.

50K Loop NS: Did I talk about the fact I haven’t lost weight since, like, Thanksgiving? I guess Bluenoser felt the same way. Work, Work, Work is a quickie, but it touches a bit on how I feel, and the picture made me chuckle. While you’re there check out the past posts. He’s back in the swing of things since “winter break”.

The Wah Report: Ahhhh, a story after my own heart!. Shrimp And Grits, and yes, it’s exactly like it sounds. I have to say I contest that chicken and waffles is better though.

Harprider: Finally I want to take a minute to send congratulations out to Harprider. He just got a sponsorship deal with Twin Six. You can read more about it at I’m On The Team.

With that I bid a fond farewell. Stay warm, unless you are warm, in which case I guess just stay? I don’t know.

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