04 October 2007

Freakin' Cars Redux

As a continuation to the “Freakin’ Cars” post from a week ago. I am curious about something; Morgan and I were speaking the other day about the cycling climate, if you will, in the area. There is a city near us, actually between Morgan and I, who was having an issue with the amount of cycling, skateboarding, rollerblading, and the like, traffic in the area. People were complaining on both sides, and it was getting pretty ugly. The solution, or so they thought, was to put bike lanes in, what seems to be, 95% of the city. Everyone was ecstatic, or so it would seem. The cyclist have their lanes, the cars have their lanes, now we can all live in peace and harmony, right? Not exactly. The best I could figure is; the cars are pissed off that cyclist have their own lanes, this results in cars cutting off cyclists, bottles being throw at cyclists, cigarettes being flicked at cyclist, laying on the horn to scare the crap out of us… I can go on and on, but we’ve all been there and you get the point. What I DON’T get is what the deal is? That’s to say; shouldn’t the motorists be happy that the bikes are in their own lane, out of the way of traffic? How is it they could still having animosity towards cyclists? Is there anyone out there who can answer this, because we’re baffled? Furthermore is there anyone who lives in an area where the same things go on?
P.S. Please allow me to apologize for the over-use of commas appearing in this post. I must admit, I have a huge, and sick, comma fetish, and, it is, at times, uncontrollable, I mean. Again, Sorry.

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