14 October 2007

Tribe Embarrasses Sox 13-6!

Once again, I know and appreciate that baseball has nothing to do with cycling. However I do feel this post is once again justified. I'd like to start by saying: Yes, it is 1:37 AM EST, and no, there was NO way I was going to bed till this game was finished. Boy am I glad I didn't.
The Cleveland Indians won game two against the Boston Red Sox. The final score of the five hour fourteen minute game Indians-13 Red Sox-6. The Tribe blew the game open in the top of the eleventh inning, breaking a record for most points scored in extra innings in a playoff game with a whopping seven points. This ties the series at one a piece, with the Tribe coming home to Cleveland for the next three games. I said it before, and I'll say it again, Tribe in five!
Once again the Tribe is showing the reason they are in the series.

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