04 October 2007

Tribe Spanks The Yanks!

WOOOO HOOOO!!!!! That's all I have to say. I'm going to be the first to admit to you that this WILL BE the Friday 10/05 post for my blog. I feel bad just phoning it in, especially a day early, and after missing a post Wednesday, but I'm going to do it
1) Because I am actually pretty busy as heck this week
2) Because I'm busy I'm going to take the easy way out
3) I may just go binge drink tomorrow after work
4) MY TEAM WON!!!!!
That's right, the Cleveland Indians won a crazy 12-3 SPANKING of the New York Yankees. Furthermore, tomorrow at 5:00 PM is game 2, so even if I am not at work, I'll be misbehaving with wings and beer or something, somewhere. With that being said.
1) To all of the Yankee fans who've been talking sh.. the past few days, HA! Can't wait for tomorrow.
2) To Lebron "wearing my Yankees hat to the Tribe game in my home city like a schmuck" James, you are only a basketball player, you are spitting in the face of every fan of Cleveland sports that supports you, and you're pissing us off.
3) I don't really have a three, I just felt like there should be one so I could have...
4) New York, at least we don't have to BUY our team... we can train 'em!
OK, I'm done ranting now. OH, and just to tie this into cycling... Uh, OK, I got nothing. Ya know what; It doesn't matter... THE CLEVELAND INDIANS WON!

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