10 October 2007

The News: MoreOn Floyd Edition

Well, if you are currently living in a box let me bring you up to speed. Floyd Landis was found guilty of doping. So starts the saga. Today Floyd announced that he will file a final appeal of the ruling and on the stripping of his Tour de France title, and awarding it to Oscar Pereiro instead. Long and short of it is... he is putting everything on the line in order to prove that the allegations against him are way off. Landis still insists that he won the Tour fair and square and without doping, going so far as to point out that doping is worse now than ever and that the current system needs a rebuild from the ground up. Let me just add my two sense and say the WADA & USADA just blow, and you may remember they botched the first test. Landis fought the two initial tests (the T/E and the Carbon Isotope) on the account they were both flawed.
Apparently Landis may also be in trouble on account he raced in an August 11th mountain-bike race (you can find a photo, and stories all around this "Fat Cyclist" post) that was a sanctioned event, so they may push back his original suspension which was supposed to start January of 2007.

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