19 October 2007

Giving Away The Yellow

If ay of you have been away from virtually any news source lately, let me bring you up-to-date on what virtually every news source has been reporting this past week. Oscar Pereiro received the 2006 TDF Yellow Jersey this past Monday, in what could only be described (in my own words) as an idiotic spectacle. While we can debate whether or not the Jersey should be switching hands in the first place, the bigger question in my eyes is this; why do it now, especially with Landis still in the midst of an appeal? If they decide not to reject the appeal from Landis will the now stripped jersey be returned to him? Will Oscar lose the yellow jersey? Will anyone even give a (expletive deleted) anymore? This situation, other doping allegations, request for DNA, et al. has me asking if the Tour realizes tat they are making a horrible mockery of a great sport. Surely it is not helping the popularity of the sport, people are questioning everyone who rides 24-7. Furthermore, is it possible that cycling could ever truly recover from this? I guess it will remain to be seen.

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