30 October 2007

Cyclocross In Cleveland, Ohio Area

Welcome one and all to another edition of Cycling Phun. Because I am a schmuck and had to put a story about a man having sex with a bike yesterday, and the fact that I don’t want to let this go until tomorrow due to time constraints, and want to take tomorrow to do something cool for Halloween, I’m going to push the weekly roundup to tomorrow, and post this story today. (OK, deep breath… compose myself, aaand good.)

Today I am going to throw out a plug that I’m not getting paid for, but probably should be. The reason I am so gracious, you ask? Simple, and may I say I’m extremely glad you did. It’s not a straightforward answer, rather a few answers in one.
1) I really like these guys, they’re good people.
2) The shop is one of those local rider owned shops where the service is to die for.
3) I would love to see a great turnout for the aforementioned crew and reasons.
4) I hope to be able to call a favor down the road based on this, if or when they figure out who the heck keeps pushing the
5) I have friends and acquaintances in the race.

With that said, Saturday November 10th, Spin Bike Shop will be hosting the Cross My Heart And Hope To Die Willoughby Cyclocross Spectacular at Todd Field in Downtown Willoughby, Ohio. For more information and to register go to the Team Spin site. Or simply check out the flyer below. Mention that you saw it here when you talk to them!

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