15 October 2007

2006 Tour Jersey

Oscar Pereiro will receive his long awaited, and often disputed, TDF Yellow Jersey. While we can debate whether or not the Jersey should be switching hands, the Spaniard is slated to receive the Jersey as the official 2006 Tour winner around 6:00 PM Madrid time Monday. The ceremony will supposedly be officiated by tour director Christian Prudhomme, ASO president Patrice Clerc and Spanish sports minister Jaime Lissavetzky.

Pereiro was officially awarded the honor of 2006 Tour winner after Floyd Landis lost his doping case on September 20, 2007, you can read more about the ruling here. This is still currently being appealed by Landis. If they reject the appeal from Landis, he will remain the only winner in Tour history to have his title stripped due to a doping violation. Despite the fact that Landis has an ongoing appeal, officials have awarded Pereiro the title of 2006 Tour winner.

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