15 October 2007

ALCS Game Three: Cleveland 4 Boston 2

OK, now it is official! I can write my blog for the night. Before I start let me say the following; I am going to try to get a post done tomorrow, but due to work cannot make any promises. Just consider that fair warning. The only thing I can promise is an update to the Indians game tomorrow night. With that being said...
The Cleveland Indians have done it again! Final score Tribe 4 Boston Red Sux (er, Sox) 2. Once again the Tribe played a great game. The highlight for me might have been when Lofton sent one soaring for a two run homer. After rounding the bases and heading into the dugout, fans at their feet screaming seemingly without end, he came back out of the dugout only to have the crowd noise triple in volume. I have to say, it actually made the air on my arms stand up it was that cool. Not to mention the game was only about three and a half hours, first time in the playoffs I remember not having to stay up till all hours of the night.
This win puts the Indians up two games to one over Boston. Game four tomorrow, an off day, and then game five Thursday. Both games will be in Cleveland, and I still insist there will be no need for games six or seven which would be in Boston. I'm still banking on Tribe in five.

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