26 October 2007

It's That Time Of Year Again

So it begins, and I can tell how it is going to end as I have been here so many times before. I woke up to darkness, with the faint sound of rain on my window. Under the covers, but cold enough to shiver. It’s fall in the northeast, and you can probably guess what that means. Yes, snow is just around the corner. I’ve already come to the realization that any day I am able to get outside on the bike will be a blessing, and I have the trainer on order. This year I refuse to let the weather get the best of me. I’m not going to put fifteen pounds on again this year, I’m not going to let the amount of work I’ve done so far get away from me, and dare I say I’m going to put myself in a position to not only continue next year, but excel.
You may be asking why I put this out there. I don’t know. Maybe I’m trying to encourage others in the same boat, maybe I’m trying to encourage myself. Hell, maybe I’m just trying to put it out there so that I have something to be held accountable for. I have enough people in my life that will read this, and give me hell when they see me slip, and that’s a good thing. I feel a challenge coming on. I can’t explain what just yet, but I think this may be a good time to put forth a challenge. Are you going to go stagnant this winter, or are you going to do everything possible to come back from the long winter and be as good as or better than you were last year?
I’d be interested to hear what you have to say. If you think you are interested in having a friendly challenge let me know. If I get enough people who are interested, I’d love to have an online challenge. I’ll think about what I can throw together for a prize or something for the winner, and we’ll go to it. If you’re interested, leave a comment, and we’ll chat about it.

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