13 October 2007

Random Rants Volume One

First off let me apologize for missing a post yesterday. I could explain why, but it would bore the living crap out of you. So I will post today in hopes that it will make amends for the wrong I have done. Along with some soap-boxing I would like to take a minute to update readers on some of my favorite daily distractions. With that said, to the rants:

Doping: Is anyone else out there just sick and tired of hearing about doping. Im beginning to think that, save the "locals", there isn't a person alive who isn't doping. Landis is appealing his ban, more recently Italian cyclist Giuseppe Muraglia got himself a two-year suspension, Rasmussen, T-Mobile team members, and on and on and on... The botching of tests, it's just out of hand already. To a point now where I don't know a person alive who has any idea what the answer is.

Baseball: I know it has nothing to do with cycling, but the playoffs are upon us. My team, the Cleveland Indians (The Tribe) are currently in the ALCS Playoffs vs the Red Sox. I had an open letter to my friends in Boston, and suppose I could entertain any bets from people living in Bahston who might see this blog. I'm taking The Tribe in the series. If you're interested, drop me a line or leave a comment.

The Wah Report: Id like to take a quick minute to say a very special congrats to Jared and Family, who recently moved to North Carolina and is expecting his first little one. Congratulations and best wishes to you and your family! You can check out his blog at The Wah Report

Fat Cyclist: What can I say, after reading this guys stuff for some time now, it's what made me get the half cocked idea to try my hand at this blogging thing. I never personally met the Fat Cyclist (Elden Nelson), but if you are a regular at his site, you know it's like one big happy (albeit slightly dysfunctional) family. His posts go from hilarious, to heart-wrenching and everywhere in-between. Lately his posts have been a bit on the serious side, but it's a side that is wonderfully touching at the same time. Check him out at Fat Cyclist, and his weekly posts at bikeradar.

First Vote Results: Finally, I just wanted to touch bas on how the first Cycling Phun vote turned out. I asked the readers "What Do You Ride?" The results we're as follows:
I like my road bike 14 (37%)
I prefer mountain bikes 10 (27%)
I ride both but mainly road 10 (27%)
I ride both but mainly mountain 7 (18%)
I ride a hybrid 2 (5%)
I ride a different style (BMX, Cruiser, Etc.) 3 (8%)
Bike, oh... I must be at the wrong blog 2 (5%)
For those of you who "we're at the wrong blog", thanks for visiting. You're always welcome here anytime. Grab a beer, just keep your feet off the table for God's sake! To my Roadies, woo hoo! I apologize to my fellow Cross Riders; I'm sorry, I messed the proverbial bed. Don't hate me, please. I just didn't think to add Cross specifically.

On that note, I think it's as good a time as any to say goodbye, that and since I actually feel bad for making you read this far for the anti-climactic end. I hope your weekend is wonderful and please, stop in again soon.

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