03 December 2007

Weekend Realization

Not to sound like a whiney little baby, but I sat here most of the weekend feeling like crap. You could pretty much say that we’ve spent the last month passing varied degrees of colds around the household. The weekend sucked for a few reasons, save the fact that I got to spin up for a minute (literally due to biting cold and lack of any proper gear) on a crazy Serotta Fierte Ti (crap, how do I talk my wife into THAT. I rode the thing completely fearless! It was so smooth on the nasty roads, and cornered like a dream. I hate John just a little bit for letting me ride it) with Zipp 303’s (have to say, didn’t have a long enough time to comment on the Zipp’s, but I think I could do without carbon rims), fully dolled up with SRAM (Goal: get good enough to justify the next bike having SRAM out the rear if I could help it). I think I talked about it the rest of the night really. So, Serotta… wanna send me a frame? I promise to ride the hell out of it and I’ll say some super nice things?
OK, seriously. The weekend was me various stages of sick. It wasn’t all bad though. It was actually a bit productive, unless you ask my wife. I spent the weekend doing research on mountain bikes, and figuring out what I have that I can unload for decent profit on ebay. How many of you have been here. “Crap, I really want a _____, if I sell the house, the car, the dog, my…” You know what I’m saying don’t you? So I came to the conclusion that I have a boat-load of vinyl (and discs) from when I used to DJ, a metric sh**-ton of classic/collectable Apple computers and swag (I’ll take bid’s on shirts, shoes, G3 B/W Towers, a couple iMac’s, etc.), as well as a bunch of randomness. So if there’s any Apple fans out there, or if you have a clubbish 12” you’ve been looking for, holler at me. I’ll keep you up on how the bike financing goes.


Harp said...

I know exactly what you mean. I am also trying to sell some of the stuff I don't use anymore to finance bike upgrades and gear. I just sold one of my high quality cooking knives that I haven't used in 2 years to pay for the new rear der. that I need.

Bluenoser said...

Man, not the cooking gear... anything but the cooking gear.

Harp said...

I got way more than I need. I seem to get bored and replace everything all the time.