12 December 2007

Weekly Roundup December 12

Another week brings cold, followed by rain, snow, cold, rain, cold snow, more snow, rain, an ice storm and finally cold, rain, ice and snow depending on the hour. Whats keeping me going? Surfing blogs, dreaming about a mountain bike early next year, muesli, and Diet Coke with lime, Diet Coke, and Pepsi Max. Here’s what I’ve enjoyed this week!

Fat Cyclist: Everyone has been there once in their life. The point at which you have a mental hiccup and poof you’re laying on the ground trying to figure out what just happened. The Story Of My Crash, In The Form Of A Quiz, is Fatty’s moment. The story is about FC going for a ride and having an awful bail that roached his wrist. To get the full value of the article, read the comments as well. Here’s hoping you feel better soon Fatty!

50K Loop NS: This one was hard for me to decide this week. There were so many good ones to chose from, but I went with Indoor Trainers. The last few from the past week were all a riot, but I figured since this was the most recent it would give you an opportunity to start there and work your way down the list. This post is on the varying types or trainers and a bit of a feature benefit (if you can call it that?!) to each in a humorous way.

Harp Rider: One of many blogs to bring up the nasty, foul four letter word…
S-N-O-W. That’s right this is one of a couple of posts to deal with the problem of massive snowfall, and the inability to ride your bike. 8 Days And Counting is a quickie about the eight day withdraw from cycling.
*Caveat: I know some are saying “you can ride in the snow”, Im just not THAT hardcore I guess.

Travels With A Tin Donkey: Winter (Continued) is yet another post about the sorrow of snow. It truly is that time of year again. Man up and wrap yourself like a mummy, or start the cross training.

I have no witty way to end this thing, so… bye.


Will said...

On a lighter note: Cycling in the Snow can occasionally be serious fun as well

see here

Of course - the extreme cold that is being faced by some (like in Tin Donkey land) sadly makes the Trainer the only friend a cyclist has.

Cycling Phun said...

That looks like it'd be a blast. I'm hoping to get a mountain bike in the near future and break it in one of the days we get, like, two feet of snow. Im just saying...