18 December 2007

Silly Mountain Bikers, Tricks Are For Kids

The video goes back quite a ways, but there are a few reasons I really wanted to use this one.
1) The title is listed as "Cranworks" when it should've been "Crankworks" (Just saying)
2) The song is by a really cool band, "Slow Nerve Action" (Whistler, BC)
3) Slow nerve action is considered the "70's porn funk" genre
4) I still am really trying to hook up a mountain bike, and this is like crack to me
5) I have a friend near Whistler
6) I have friends who ride Whistler
7) I'm really liking saying Whistler
Since seven is luck, I'll stop there as to not bore you. Please enjoy it, whilst I work on the weekly roundup for tomorrow. OH!, and I think I'll throw Matt's favorite in. A Hottie Of The Week®!

1 comment:

andy said...

pretty sweet. thanks for sharing!