17 December 2007

How You Know You Have An Understanding Wife

Let's face it, sometimes guys do stuff that just falls under the classification of asinine. If you're a guy you know what I'm talking about, if you're a woman... you know what I'm talking about as well. As a guy we feel the need to test our boundaries. Kind of like how a three-year-old child says "NO' for the first time to gauge a parents reaction. Not to say that as men we are infantile, just to say that we need a solid baseline for future reference. It may be bringing home that high priced bike and asking what you think before you ride it so if it has to go back your OK. It might be getting the fifty or so inch big screen and not taking it out of the box before you gauge the aforementioned reaction. As a sort of rule, once that baseline is set, generally speaking you do not cross it. At least I would never do such a thing. Ever. Really.
An example of this would be the following. I currently store my bike in my room, next to my bed. I think I actually mentioned this in the past. Anyway, it's next to my bed in our room. Its safe, it's happy, I get to wake up in the morning and look at it and smile. So logic would then say I should leave well enough alone, and leave it in our room, right. I mean, why push the line and have my bike wind up in the garage, with winter temps in the teens, she would get sad, not want me to ride her.
(*Sidebar: All guys ride female bikes. If any of you out there have a problem with this analogy, please feel free to rebut in the comments section. I will have to warn you ahead of time though, you'll have an extremely hard way to go to convince me otherwise. Likewise, all women ride male bikes. Kids are exempt from this as children's bike are sexless. That's just a bit too weird for me)
So like I was saying, why spoil a good thing, right? Why, because I had the bright, but idiotic, idea that the chair-rail shelf thingy® that goes around our entire family room would be a great place to display the bike for winter, since it will be used far less in a half a foot or better of snow.

I thought it looked pretty slick, the wife, not so much. So, the baseline here; the bike is fine in the room. Had I bought the dang trainer it probably would've been OK in the trainer in the family room. Trying to pass it off as a work of art, not going to fly. At least I know where my line is, the bike is still in one piece, and she still sleeps next to me at night. The bike AND my wife, that woman is a saint.


Harp said...

You're a much braver man than me. I like it though.

yeahdog said...

It kind of looks nice though...
Is that in the bedroom or another? I think I'd take that over sharing my boudoir with my husband's bike(s). I have no room to complain though because mine are also taking up prime real estate in our tiny condo.

Bluenoser said...

Bikes, all over the place in our house. two in the training room, six in the sunroom, one in the workstand. Some mine some her's. I'm blessed and another new frame on the way.


Gracie said...

I think the bike has to be autographed by someone famous before you can display it on the chair rail thing.