19 December 2007

Weekly Roundup December 19

My apologies for the steaming pile this blog has been for the last week or so. I just figured I’m really not that funny, so why start now? Truth be told Christmas is now less than a week away and my job is chaos. Everyone, their mom, their Uncle Sal, his sister and so forth want everything done by year end, read: December 21st. That is, for those who haven’t “checked out” so to speak on or about December 14th for the holiday season. I promise I will try harder very soon. With that said, I give you the Weekly Roundup!

Fat Cyclist: This weeks best news; a Susan update. For those of you not following, Susan is amazing, and I encourage you to catch up. On a cycling note, Fatty pays a tribute to Bent022 inMost Awesome Dining Room Makeover. Ever. Everyone seemed to have the same reaction, something like “dining… room… make… over?" Yeah, I know but its so worth it.

Bunny Hop Rockstar: Have to throw some love to the man who hooks me up with the sick gear. Just a quick congrats to John who just inked an Ergon Contract for 2008! Congratulations, John!

50K Loop NS: This weeks post actually had me rolling at first, then I caught myself doing it as I went along. Find Fred is a sort of Where’s Waldo of cycling. You know, the annoying lurp from the books? Red and white striped shirt and Coke (Diet Coke) bottle glasses? Yeah, him… but this is much cooler.

Let’s rock…: Not to be confused with David Bowie “Let’s Dance”, I don’t know what possessed me to go there but I am sorry. Today’s Forecast: Slushy Bike Lanes And A Light Dusting Of Sexual Harassment I don’t know where to start. The “joys” of riding crappy slush filled streets, or the elation of being cat called on your bike? Sadly I will never know the joys of being hollered at by men; at least I could hope I never have that happen.

Bike Snob NYC: I swear this never gets old. Worst Of Craigslist #38-#41 is another journey into the world that is sub-par bicycles on Craigslist. I was going to try to summarize this, but I quickly realized there was just way too much wrong here to even start to summarize. I think BSNYC said it best, when he described it as “NYC’s Cycling Cesspoll.’

Well, for now, a fond farewell. Oh, and I promise to try harder soon, like, by next year.


yeahdog said...

Funny enough, I've had "let's dance" in my head for the last few days; maybe it's universal!

Bluenoser said...

Hey Phun, Are you done till the new year or just this week?

Anyway, I'm sorry you found yourself in the Fred Post. It's like Super Chicken said... you know super chicken, and I don't mean Michael Rasmussen. Just youtube Superchicken .

He had a side kick named, wait for it , Fred. Whenever Fred got blown up or something and didn't think it was fair, Super Chicken would say, "You knew the gob was dangerous when you took it Fred."

nuff said.


Bluenoser said...

Not only that but the "job" was dangerous also.


Cycling Phun said...

Clarification: I didn't find myself in the post, I got wrapped up in the post! Just saying.