21 December 2007

My Christmas Thank You

Where do I even begin? I want to wish everyone out there the most amazing Holiday Season, and a happy and prosperous New Year. This year has been crazy for me. It started in a pretty bad way that managed to work itself out. I went from a very toxic place in life both in the place I was working and from a health and fitness standpoint to a one hundred eighty-degree change. Now I am blessed with a good job that’s getting better with awesome like-minded people I love to be around. Also, and this is something I am arguably more proud of, I managed to lose about forty-five pounds in five months, and achieved a level of health and fitness I would have never thought I could have at the beginning of the year. I have to thank a boatload of people for their help and inspiration in this.

My wife: She has been totally cool in making sure we’re kept in decent food, that’s not going to ruin our progress, I won’t post a picture ‘cause she’d kill me but I do have to say she is losing weight too, and looking wicked hot. Also she keeps putting up with my obsessions, bicycling and the blog included, even though most of them cost me way too much money. Thanks Babe!

Sprocket Boy: Bro, Thank you for your amazing muesli recipe which is obsessed over by everyone I introduce it to. It’s really good stuff, really good.

Fatty: At the risk of sounding really cheesy, I have seldom been so touched and inspired. Your updates of Susan’s battle, and the way it has effected your family both negatively, and maybe more importantly, positively through the generosity and prayers of people is downright inspiring. I can’t help but think I would love to be able to be that strong in life’s situations. Also, you’ve been awesome to keep a bunch of people accountable in their quest for better health. Thank You!

John: OK, in fairness I have to thank John and I have to thank Spin and Don at Spin. These guys are super cool, if you live in Northeast Ohio you owe it to yourself to drop in on Spin Bike Shop and give them the business. After looking around a bit for my new bike and one for the wife, I settled on Spin. I’ve never had such a positive experience, seriously. Fatty talked about LBS (local bike shop), and this is it! They don’t just sell you the bike and bail, they truly care that you’re happy and take care of you long after your purchase. Class act guys, sincerely, thanks!

I can go on and on, but one more extremely important thank you absolutely has to be said. Thank you to everyone who has been reading this, and especially the commenters. I was really unsure if anyone would even give a rip about what I had to say, but then I started to see hits all over the US. Soon hits were all over the US plus Canada, UK, and Australia. Next thing I know add to the mix France, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Taiwan, Germany, Romania, Poland, Mexico, Turkey, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Japan, China, and I’m probably missing another one or two. It means so much to see people coming by to read, to have repeat readers, and to have people commenting. I do it in hopes someone will enjoy it, and hopefully you do. As long as people drop by to read it, I’ll continue to write it. Thank you for reading this, it means so much to me that you take the time out of your day to share a bit of mine.

Well, that’s about it for now. I’ll be taking next week off to be with the family, which means I’ll probably post something anyway but… I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas (or different Holiday of your choosing) and Blessings and prosperity in the New Year. I cant think of a better ending, now, than this; the Specialized “Nutcracker Suite”. It’s really cool, enjoy!
-Don (aka: Phun)


Harp said...

Have a good christmas phun. Good Post.

Bluenoser said...

Merry Christmas Phun,

Great post. We travel in like circles and a lot of the same in the past year has happened to me also.

Keep up the good work.


Gary said...


Just came across you're blog. I'll definately be back!

Happy Holidays,

John Davis said...

Thanks!!! I enjoy my job and believe in the bike industry because of people like you. Cheers!

Cycling Phun said...

Harp: Thanks man! My best to you and yours as well!
Bluenoser: Hope all is well and that you get that frame up in the NS soon!
Gary: Excellent to hear man! Parma, nice is Parma Pierogies still out there? mmmmm Anyway, love your blog as well, and great Flickr photos!
John: Man, you keep getting me into trouble (wink), I look forward to getting my arse kicked and riding with you soon!