10 December 2007

Cool Idea #440

Some of you are looking at this right now thinking "where are the other 439?". For you I say, never you mind! Stop being so nosey... Please! I jest, there were no "other 439", I just picked a unmethodical arbitrary number. *I also just realized that "unmethodical arbitrary" is "unnecessarily redundant", just saying.
I had a seriously good laugh the other day. (Sidebar: I’ve learned over the years some people have no idea what that is, sounds and gestures of lively amusement.) Anyway we were discussing various aspects of cycling, what we enjoy about it (see numerous previous posts on this subject), what equipment we like and various other subjects. At that moment I harked back to something that I once saw online. While talking about deep rims, I brought up what might just be my favorite “tool”. While I don’t remember exactly where I first saw it, it’s a really cool idea and hands down thee coolest two words in the homemade bicycle tool genre. The item…
Nipple Poker . That’s right, not only does it make you feel like a naughty 3rd grade private school kid, and chuckle with glee when you say it, but it’s practical as hell and easy to make. Enjoy!

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