22 April 2008

Olympic Cycling: GRAB IT!

OK, so I have to say that I needed to start with the false enthusiasm to start myself off. I originally wanted to do a quick thought on the Olympics and cycling, and the more I thought about it the more I was just like, "ehhhhh". So with that said: is it just me? Does anyone give a damn about the Olympic Games anymore? What happened to the times, like, when I was a kid? When for months everyone stayed in watching the TV 24/7 while the Olympics were on? What has seemingly ruined it? It's like a bit of my childhood was just crushed.
With that said, the breakdown is looking like this:

Sat 08/08 11:00-17:00
Sun 08/09 14:00-17:30
Wed 08/13 11:30-13:00/13:30-17:30

Fri 08/22 15:00-17:00
Sat 08/23 15:00-17:30

Fri 08/15 16:30-19:00
Sat 08/16 16:30-19:53
Sun 08/17 10:00-11:45/16:30-18:45
Mon 08/18 16:30-19:00
Tue 08/19 16:30-19:50

Wed 08/20 09:00-11:40
Thr 08/21 09:00-11:40

This info is from the Official Beijing Olympics Site, so I am assuming the times are all Beijing standard or some crazy shhhtuff like that. Also, PLEASE NOTE: There is triathlon, but I left Tri out on purpose as it not not really cycling. (*The last comment made was for the benefit of Judi, I said it just to get her ticked off and force her into a comment. By the way, if you didn't see it check out Miles And Madness I do believe Judi could kick my ass!)
So, anyone? Any thoughts on the Olympics this year?


Judi said...

Don!!! You got me, LOL! That is all swimming. Some weights but a lot of swimming. :)

I am starting to think that cyclists hate triathletes because cyclists cannot even think about going for a swim, then getting on a bike and then going for a run. They don't have the endurance. So there. :) Triathletes are, shall we say, "special". I know the guys all do look like dorks, but not me. I don't even have aero bars on my tt bike. :)

andy said...

naw. we don't like tri-athletes because they freak us out in a group ride. they show up tri-geeked up in their stuff and you think, "hmmm, he/she has got nice equipment, they must know how to ride in a group."

nope. crash goes the triathlete! i smile and welcome them to the ride, then get the heck away from them in the pack. lol.

Highwaymunky said...

I can't wait for the olympics, I'm going to try and watch every bit of cycling / tri action.

So excited!

Cycling Phun said...

Judi: I'm all for swimming, that's fine to me. It's the running that's just painful! I give you credit though, I just could NEVER do it!

Andy: Ouch! That could cause some issues.

Munky: Glad to hear that! Someone HAS to care, right? I'll watch, but it remains to see how excited I'll be.

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