10 April 2008

An Assos Tribute To The Fat Cyclist

For those of you who don't know, or may not be regular readers of Fat Cyclist, he did a post that was comedy gold. The post revolved around the superfluous kits made by the on, the only, Assos. Incase you haven't read the previously mentioned post it is called An Open Letter To Assos. This is Fatty's self proclaimed "favorite Fat Cyclist post of all time", and it lead to The Wit And Wisdom Of Dr Michael Lämmler. I'm not 100% sure, but I think Open Letter might have been the first Fat Cyclist post I read. Nope, I'm actually pretty sure How To Pee Whilst You Ride Your Bike was my introduction into Fat Cyclist.
Anyway, the importance of all of this is that I had a good chuckle, followed by a belly laugh, a chuckle, a remembrance of the Assos post, one more belly laugh and then it hit me! What is it, you ask. Well, I arrived home from work to find a parcel in my mailbox. Not just any parcel, rather a 3/4"x6"x15" parcel. Where was this parcel from, you ask? Glad you did! The parcel was from Switzerland, from none other than ASSOS! )Insert "Duhn duhn DUHHHH!! music here)
I got this on account I order all of my cycling apparel from Assos, seriously. I mean, there's nothing I like more than the felling of taking one *ahem* you know, everytime I put on a pair of bibs. Thinking, "WOW! I could've fed three impoverished third-world nations with the money I spent on these. I digress, the first thing I immediately thought of was Fatty's posts, then I thought "I could totally run with this." So, I'm going to.
The package was huge, dare I saw so big it was a waste of packaging? albeit beautiful. It was a tri-fold package that opened in half, followed by a left and right flap.

It was beautiful packaging, but inside was a tiny 5"x5" or so CD booklet looking Highlights Brochure, and a 1/4"x6"x12" Catalogue (it IS from Switzerland, after all). The highlight of the catalog, er, catalogue was undoubtedly the nice body of the girl in it. This is what it looked like disassembled.
So Fatty, this ones for you! Thanks for the years of laughs, good man!


Bluenoser said...

Oh Dear Lord. I'm going to start saving right away.


Judi said...

She's no cyclist! Look at her calves - she has none!

andy said...

do you order stuff directly from assos? or do you have a good source in the US and assos drop ships the stuff? and are they really that great?

Cycling Phun said...

Yeah, that was sarcasm... totally don't blow the bank on Assos. Sorry for the confusion. I am, however, happy with Pearl Izumi and Specialized stuff though.