15 April 2008


Hello, all. As I mentioned yesterday, I had a fairly good weekend. Got two days outside on the MTB, enjoyed myself, yet again, but I am a little anxious to get back on the road as well. I am trying to hold out for Spin Bike Shop to start up their Wednesday night rides before getting on the road machine. Anyway, I was out this weekend and as I am riding I realized something. Right now I'm just rocking the factory Specialized platforms that were on the cranks when I bought the bike. I wanted to try out flats for a bit to decide if I just wanted to sink money into better flat pedals, or if I want to do ye olde clipless or something.
So bottom line is I think I'm trying to ask opinions. Do I want to rock out flat pedals on the MTB, or should I look into clipless and shoes? I realize from being clipped in on the road bike that it feels different to pedal, but can't decide how much of that is the road vs mountain, or how much of it is equipment. I know someone, at least John, probably has some good advice for me.


Highwaymunky said...

Go clipless mate! being able to pull you back wheel up over big stuff, they give me more control and confidence jumping and riding rock gardens, and when you are pounding the of track they give you all the benfits you find with the road pedals.

Give it a try, whats the worst that could happen?

(Fall off bike attached still into tree... visit hospital.... be attended to by lovely nurses... not so bad then.)

Bluenoser said...

Phun if you are liking the MTB and won't be riding the road bike as much, put clipless MTB pedals on both and get a good pair of mountain shoes.

You'll also be able to walk around when parking your road bike to run an errand or get a coffee without looking like some kind of freak.


sprider said...

Definitely clipless. Time ATAC's on the MTB make clipping in solid, regardless of mud, and max float makes getting out easy enough when you're in a jam.

I'm a roadie, but the Times made me enjoy the trails.

Also, good boots are a must.

Harp said...

Like everyone else has already said go clipless. You will really notice on the climbs.

Cycling Phun said...

I've decided...
At some point in the near future I may or may not go clipless! And there you have it, chronic indecisiveness strikes again!

Cycling Phun said...

Munky: There are some lovely nurses in the area... long sorted story.

BLuenoser: I actually was using Adidas Cyclones on the road for the utility of them. I wasn't concerned with weight and such, since Im racing or anything. I may get road shoes and clipless and ride the Cyclones on the MTB and road shoes on the roadie.

Sprider: Hmmm, look, eh? I'll have to look, ugh... uhm..., check into those.

Harp: Yeah I've noticed I'm totally not happy with my circles and just overall how I feel pedaling on flat pedals.