31 August 2007

But all I need is a 10 speed cassette...

For those of you who actually have been checking up and reading along, you know that I was going to do a post on Wednesday that somehow got HORRIBLY sidetracked, and turned into an ADD induced mess. For that I'd like to take a minute to apologize. I'm sorry; really, truly, heartfelt sorry to put you through that hell.
I have only one thing to say, or rather do... SIGH! So I had a brilliant, but obviously and severely under thought plan. My current bike, the Specialized Allez Elite Double ( which, by the way I absolutely LOVE! and I'm not just saying that. Specialized, feel free to send me ANYTHING you'd like, and I'd be happy to test it, abuse it, review it and talk it up) which means the cassette in the back wheel, which came standard, is a nine speed. Sidetrack, I was reading The Wah Report and saw Jared auctioning a sweet brand new ten speed cassette. In my moment of brilliance, but not clarity, I thought, HEY! I could make that bad boy a ten couldn't I? The short answer is this: SURE, you could do whatever you'd like. This is where my the clarity kicks me in the butt. So, I'm going to buy the cassette and swap em... wait, if I swap the cassette I'll need a ten speed chain. OK, oh... and that would change the derailleur, and probably hanger. Ooh, new chain and new front rings, new levers, your getting the idea here right? For anyone who hasn't picked up the idea of what I'm talking about:
1) This might not be the best story (or blog?) for you at the moment.
2) This means instant divorce.
3) This means my dream of a 'project mountain bike' is now way out of the equation, and...
4) About a grand later I can do it.
Now, I guess that's not bad. But having just got back into cycling and buying the Allez Elite, I only spent a couple hundred more for the bike then I would be paying for the upgrade. So, I guess the moral of the story for now is this; I need to bribe people to read the blog, to go to the companies, to get them to send me stuff to give away, to get more readers, to get more stuff in exchange for adds, so I can test it out and write reviews. Ugh, It's going to be a long year... isn't it?

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