18 August 2007

Welcome... enjoy your visit.

OK, so here's the deal. In an effort to be completely honest with you this may go down in flames before it starts. I hope to have this thing fully up and going (hopefully people will help by posting comments - hint) by the end of the month. My intention is that we will get some regulars who will share stories and the like, and eventually (again, hopefully) I will talk some people into sponsoring some giveaways. Id like to get some people to donate some product for giveaways in return for plugs on the site. To do this I need people to subscribe to the blog to justify to the companies why I deserve products. Another goal is to get together people in their respective areas to go on rides. I would like to ideally have rides where as a group we are getting sponsors to ride and donate the proceeds to charities, but again that is a ways off. For now please join up, leave comments, tell your friends and drop the name of the site to Fat Cyclist (http://www.fatcyclist.com) on account it's a GREAT site, and I long for mine to be like his. ENJOY! and have phun.

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