29 August 2007

A momentary rant, and some cool new blog links.

Alright, there's two issues here. The first issue is that I am totally and completely brain dead today, the second is I am totally lazy everyday. For some reason it never effects me when I ride, just when I have to do something that seems work related. I wonder if there's a drug for that? They've got 'em for everything else now, right? I mean depression, ADD, weight loss, acid reflux, etc. I think I might have just found a third thing to add to the list, speaking of ADD... I tend to zone a bit more often then I care to think about, surprisingly that doesn't effect my riding either. Notice a trend here anyone? If it were up to me Id spend a quarter of my day riding, a quarter being the family man, and the following half would be broken down into four hours computer time and eight sleep. Yup, that would be perfect. Now I know what I have to do. I need to find a quick fix way to become independently wealthy! Yes, I need to get so rich that I can afford to do only that which I enjoy doing. Any suggestions?
See after that whole story I've completely got sidetracked from the story I wanted to tell. This started out , OK so the truth is it only started out this way in my mind, as a story about what a pain in the butt it would be to make one seemingly easy upgrade to my bike. Now Im actually just sitting here debating whether it would all be lost in the previously aforementioned paragraph. Yeah, I'm pretty sure it would, and once again I'm lazy. With that said I think I will change the title, come back to the original story another time, and just touch on the second part of the title.
In case you haven't noticed; on the bottom right I have started a list of my favorite cycling blogs. I will be adding to it over time, I actually have a few more to add right now but I really enjoy the two I have up there and don't want to detract from them for the time being. The first is "The Wah Report"*. It's a pretty sweet blog mainly about road cycling and cyclocross, but he also includes just enough distractions to make it interesting and new a couple time a day. The second is "The Fat Cyclist"*. Great little blog here! It's a serious, but fun and humorous look into road and mountain biking. Fatty himself is a riot, and its an extremely well put together blog, updated every day or so. Please, check em out, and enjoy.

*Please Note: Cycling Phun was in no way compensated for the mention of either blog.

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