24 August 2007

Big Fat Congratulations!

In lieu of today's normal article, I wanted to take a minute to throw out some love. Big fat congratulations go out to the Fat Cyclist, his wife Susan and the close knit group of friends that ride with him. To read the full story on this head over to the Fat Cyclist website ( http://fatcyclist.com ). The brief story is Susan, the wife of fat cyclist, was diagnosed with cancer and is now undergoing her treatments. The guys who ride for, or rather with, Fatty have all been wearing jersey's (which are available for sale with proceeds benefiting Lane Armstrong Foundation through his blog). The jersey has now made the cover and inside page of Bicycling magazine! Way to go Fatty, here's hoping for all of the best in your effort to fight the good fight!


Bob said...

Thought I would comment on your poll. I ride both MTB and road, when the mood strikes I ride what that bike. My van always has two bikes and kit for both. Sometimes, I'll stop on my way to work, ride in and back. Or take off from work for a ride. If friends call, I'm ready too go at a moment's notice.
That's how I roll.

Cycling Phun said...
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Cycling Phun said...

I am a road man myself, but I do want to get a mountain bike to kinda pick that up on the side.