13 March 2008

One Form Of Cycling Over Another

So, what better way to start a week off

Ahhhh, a nice quite Thursday morning. A cup of joe, and a nice, leisurely bike ride in the French Alps during the Tour "dee" France (see Bob Roll). Or is it leisurely? Apparently this is what happens when your coffee is just a wee bit too strong. You come up with half baked ideas.
As a sidebar: YouTube blew this one for me... sorry if you caught the technical difficulty cause by YouTube.


Judi said...

That is cool. I want to copy it into my blog! Do you mind?

Cycling Phun said...

Hey there! Not my video, feel free to use away. How are things going in SinSinnati? It's getting warm again, the 2 feet is going bye-bye, my bday is around the corner and that can only mean one thing...

Judi said...

Hopefully that means spring. Our snow is gone, and the river will probably flood. :(

And my backyard is a muddy muddy mess, not fun with two dogs.

Bitch and moan, lol.