25 March 2008

Craptastic Day

I woke up this morning with absolute dread about what I had to do. I knew when the alarm went off it was a day of reckoning of sorts. It would be the day I would have to weigh in after a crazy weekend of engorging and libations. Long story short, I figured I would have put on a pound or two and I did. OK, so that's only part of it, half of it to be specific. Yeah I gained four freakin' pounds. If you read yesterdays post you know I attribute it to a specific horrifying chain of events starting with dinner for my birthday and ending in holiday food.
So starting today I have gone back to my "Sprocket Boy's Muesli (Of Doom)". By the way if you haven't tried Sprocket Boy's Muesli you really need to. Muesli for breakfast and lunch with a sensible dinner. Today it was a few pieces of sushi, tomorrow a salad, Wednesday will be crab stuffed salmon (just for Harp) and asparagus. I haven't figured out anything past that. The only other snag in the whole thing is I have a business lunch that I have to be in attendance for on Wednesday, but there is also a 96.2% chance that the lunch will be salad, or there will be an option for salad. I have obligations Tuesday and Wednesday after work which will not allow for riding, and Thursday and Saturday is an expected torrential downpour, no word on Sunday yet. So as it stands I might get a ride in Friday, and there is always the option of manning up and going to the indoor MTB park.
Bottom line, by the end of this year I cannot be a fatass any longer. 193 now with a 170 goal.


Judi said...

Dominic ate a ton of sugar candy the other night and guess what? He needs a couple root canals now. He got antibiotics today.

You'll probably drop that weight real fast Don.

Sprocketboy said...

Muesli truly is a way of life! I have managed to keep my weight down this winter and am looking forward to really cranking up the fitness this Spring.