03 March 2008


Man, I can't wait for things to settle down. For example:
Cycling: How in the heck am I supposed to get in any good rides when it's constantly snowing, freezing, raining, freezing and snowing again? Not just any kind of snow but kind of snow. The foot plus in about six or eight hours snow. I mean seriously, how the heck am I supposed to ride with that? I suppose I could get a Pugsley. But I have a moral problem having a bike that has car tires on it, I think.
Network: Yeah, the network is still down. As you know there was a problem with a misplaced magnet and a non-shielded wireless router. It sucks! I depend on my laptop for work. OK, that's a half-truth. I plan on sitting on my ass working from the couch over the weekend and couldn't. Positive side: I did manage to get the desktop up and on the net this weekend so I was able to work from my desk. Negative side: You're stuck with this crap again. Lesson: Magnets+routers=crappy weekend!
On a positive note, the wife signed up to do "Beauticontrol". Not really doing it as much as she's doing it for the discount and a couple of friends who will buy from her. Not important except to say that she bought this "Therma Del Sol" stuff.
Best stuff ever. It's a crazy strong peppermint bath soak, so I soaked in it this weekend... it made my entire weekend. Now I just need to get to the chiropractor and/or masseuse.
How am I doing?: Better than most, not as well as some.


Bluenoser said...

Stretches phun stretches. I found out are a lot cheaper than the chiropractor. Save enough to get a mountain bike.


Judi said...

That pepermint bath stuff sounds wonderful. How much is a bottle? Can I buy some from your wife?

I am sorry you didn't get a taste of spring like I did yesterday. It did so much for my attitude.


Bluenoser said...

Warmed up 16° in 24 hours here phun. I got out for 50k ride it was good. Hope things go a bit better for you and the weather breaks for you.