10 March 2008

Big Fat Congratulations Redux!

I want to take a minute to give yet another congratulations to The Fat Cyclist who won his first ever Bloggie! I can't think of anyone who deserves it more that Fatty. He puts a ton of work in each week to pump out a hilarious blog. Congrats Fatty. Fatty took the opportunity to give his thank you speech from Disneyland in Fat Cyclist Declares Self Winner Of 2008 Bloggies Awards. The funniest thing about it? He gave his congratulatory speech about seventeen hours early, and strictly as a satire. But alas, the Fat Man pulled it off! He came through in the end to get the Best Sports Blog Bloggie. Way to go Fatty, way to go!

Oh, by the way, I am having some technical difficulties getting what I wanted to post to post. I will try again tomorrow, please bear with me. Thanks

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