03 June 2008

Jimi Contest

10:00 PM Update: Believe it or not, I still have some Jimi product to give to you! So if you're debating sending an email, do it! Seriously. Hit me up via the contact me button at the top right sidebar of the blog.

I found something a while back that I wanted to take a minute to share with you all. One day while I was at the LBS, Spin, picking up some clothes, tools, and such John took a minute to show me something cool. I had seen this a while back from A guy named Sandro who I worked with. Anyway, John told me I needed to get a Jimi Wallet for riding. He told me I'd never regret it, and that it would force me to carry everything I need everyday, and not jam a bunch of useless junk in that I had no business putting in there in the first place. He was totally right. Behold, The Jimi: This thing is ridiculously cool. Five credit cards on one side, and a few bills folded in the clip, and you're good to go!
So, here is the deal. Mike, from Mr. Smith Inc (the maker of the Jimi), sent me a goodie box of Jimi product and I'm sharing! These thing start at $15 a piece and you can have one! There is one little catch. What I would like from you is in return for a sweet wallet, is I would like you to share your thoughts on it. See, I could give you a review on this myself but there are two problems. One, I am horribly lazy. Two, why should you believe me? These things are the coolest thing ever, but don't believe me grab one and try it out. Also, while you are at the Jimi site check out their Mission Statement (if you will), and their Passion For The Environment. These guys are truly cool. So, without further adieu:
I will send five lucky people Jimi product. The breakdown will be as such: three people will get an Original Jimi, one will get a Jimi Multi Media Case, and one will get a Jimi Game Shell. Please use the "contact me" button in the upper right hand corner of the blog to email me. When I receive your email I will get in touch with the first five people to respond and will ask for your product preference and will send you one of the items dependent upon what is available. I am asking to keep it to US and Canadian responses only, please, since I am footing the bill for shipping on these. These are truly awesome products, and I can't wait to hear what everyone thinks.
Thanks again to Mike at Mr. Smith for the help on this!

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