02 June 2008

I Think I Hate Weekends, And Something Really Cool!

I’ve come to a conclusion that I think I might hate weekends. The reason for such a drastic conclusion is quite simple; I am continually eating for crap on weekends and I just can’t stop. OK, so I guess the truth of the matter is I could stop, but I don’t. Have I ever mentioned that I’m Italian? Yeah, so one day we had three different kinds of homemade pizza, cavatelli (the single best pasta ever to be invented), and Italian fried dough with powdered sugar. Yeah, I know, that kind of “healthy”. Add to it countless spring birthday parties and cookouts and the food that make those events up, and the aforementioned rising prices from a post a couple of weeks ago and you have Don gaining weight again.
Funny Story:
Believe it or not I actually put on six pounds Friday night. Six freaking pounds! Now, I have to add to that. Not all of the six pounds was a legitimate weight gain. The wife and I went out for a night at the local comedy club with some friends from work. While there the wife and I split a pitcher of beer. She never drinks and I drink so rarely that this alone was quite a little bit for us. With the pitcher we spit a basket of ten wings and a turkey club with fries. Then proceeded later that night to get more chili cheese fries after having a Car Bomb (single coolest drink ever invented) and finished the night off with a couple pints of Great Lakes Beer, the following morning I was up six pounds.
Lesson Learned: Eating crap = Bad + Drinking beer = Bad Therefore EC+DB=Bad
Furthermore I woke Saturday morning with a cold, I thought I was getting over, kicking my butt. After getting home at 1:30AM and not getting to sleep until about 3:00, I was woke up at 4:00AM by what sounded like a transformer having a surge after a power failure in a huge storm. I then had to get up at about 8:00AM to get some stuff done, all the while the cold was getting worse. The rest of the day was wasted with chores. Sunday was a late start, Church, and then more chores. I did manage to get a ride in Sunday after dinner, but it was only about ten miles and I felt as though there was a miniature elephant sitting on my chest the entire ride. I’m just not happy with weekends anymore.
Cool News:
OK, enough of my incessant whining. Now for some cool news. Tomorrow will be a very cool day for some lucky readers. I want everyone to have a fair shot at this so I am going to let everyone know (kind of) what’s up now. Tomorrow I’m going to have a really cool offer (contest?) for some lucky readers. I will be posting the contest at Noon Eastern Standard Time (11:00AM Central, 10:00AM Mountain, 9:00 Pacific), this way everyone should have a fairly decent shot at getting in on it. So for now, I bid you all a fond farewell. Until tomorrow!

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