29 May 2008

There Are Some Things I Will Just Never Get

There are certain things that you just can't help but realize when you are out for a ride, luckily phones now have cameras! If you live in the Greater Cleveland area, chances are you have been in or around Euclid, Ohio at one time or another. Euclid is a bit disturbing to me for many, many reasons. It's kind of confusing, a very industrialized city with a ton of housing, apartments, on the lake, lots of different cultures, bars, and on and on. No where, in my mind, is there more of a baffling mixture of culture than this: That's right folks, the Polka/Softball Hall Of Fame. As you know there is nothing more American than polka, er, softball, uh... polka AND softball! There is only one person who could make sense of such a crazy thing, but I will let Matt go unnamed since, in fairness, this would make him as happy as you or I getting a new bike. I kid you not, he would be that happy. I just can't figure out what the hell they were thinking with this one. That's to say, I wonder if the meeting went something like this:
"So what could we put in to discourage tourism and keep the pesky tourist types out of our neighborhood?"
"I KNOW! Softball only kind of sucks, as does polka, but if we combine the two..!"
I'm convinced the crew that thought this one up was the same group of guys that came up with Oklahoma's state motto:
"Oklahoma, OK!"
Yeah, that was the best they could do. I guess I can't complain though when Ohio's is "The heart of it all." Oh well, I guess I may never get it.

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