27 May 2008

Why I Hate Riding With The LBS Guys

Please allow me to preface the title with this: I actually love to ride with the guys from the LBS (local bike shop-in this case Spin). Ok, with that said, I hate riding with the LBS guys. Why? You may ask, and as always I would be extremely happy that you did. The reason I jest about riding with the LBS guys is that they give me a down home, old school, country style a__ whoopin'. If you have read from the beginning you may remember I've Decided Why It Is I Ride. The person that I went on that ride with was the same person that I went with this past Friday, hey Don (not me, the LBS Don), and by the way he is a saint for waiting up at lights for me. Anyway, I cracked out the road bike for the first time since snow started to fall last year. I was super excited, and felt great going into it. Don (not me, the LBS Don) and I went for a 27 mile run, with a mere 240 foot climb out, which was mostly a decent descent (heh heh) on the way back back. I was so excited about the ride, until I started getting just blown out of the water. I was doing OK, I guess, my average speed was only 14.8 MPH, due in part to the fact that I was tanking on almost every hill of any consequence, and though there are only a handful they were seemingly killing me. This would be a great time to share the elevation... OK, there you go. Like I was saying, those short jumps in altitude that you see were seemingly killing me. I know I haven't done some crazy road stuff in about six months, but come on! I've ridden long rides on MTB, true they were pretty long and SLOW, but I didn't feel like I was killing myself doing them. Could this really be? On thing that totally had me freaked was the first thing to go, and pretty quick, was my breathing. That was remedied equally as quickly by hitting the inhaler (remember me talking about the asthma crap, "crap" was thrown in for BlueNoser who wrote to tell me his blog is back up. Hey Thom!) upon not being able to breath. That was cool, but I was still getting short of breath on hills, and it seemed to be mainly on the right side. Anyone who may think they have an idea why please don't freak me out, I plan to have it looked into. So needless to say, once again see the elevation chart, the return trip was much easier than the trip out. Anyone have any ideas how I could kick butt on the next ride? For that I would welcome any and all comments, seriously.
Saturday might as well have never happened, I woke up early to help a friend move. Prior to what one might think it was totally fun, and I really like the people involved in the moving so it made it a blast, left there kind of late and had to shop till it was dark.
Sunday was chores most of the afternoon, followed by a cookout. After the cookout, however, Mrs Cycling Phun (Mrs CP) and I went out for a trail ride. Yes, I know she is hot. No, I have no idea why the heck she's with me. Yes, camera phones suck which is why I am waiting for Apple to send me an iPhone to use and plug the heck out of (just an idea Apple PR. Oh, and I know who you are). So we went for a short ride Sunday night and got to take a minute to chill on a park bench and catch a sweet sunset. So the bottom line is not all was lost, I guess.


Bluenoser said...

More miles on the road bike, and learn to breath through your ears so that the LBS guys can't tell you're in trouble.

Yes Mrs. Phun is nice looking.


Judi said...

Cute pic!!