28 May 2008

Weekly Roundup May 28

This week, coming off of the Memorial day weekend, I am going to keep the roundup short and sweet. With that, friends, The Weekly Roundup!

Cozy Beehive: This week I’d like to star with something that is, in my mind, very appropriate. Ron shares Plan de Corones - Giro d'Italia 2008 Stage 16 TT. This is a quick explanation of the 16th Stage of the Giro d’Italia on a never before used 8 mile section. The reason I find it appropriate? Coming off of my incessant whining about hills, the stage is a 8 mile 3600 foot climb. Explanations and videos abound in this awesome post.

Bike Munky: Bike Munky shares some of his favorite gear with us in Commuting & Gear. This week focuses on his Six Six One gloves, and Shimano XT shifters and long derailleur, which was recently replaced with a SRAM medium cage.

50K Loop NS: Hoorah! Bluenoser is back! New Helmet is a quick but upbeat welcome back post from Bluenoser. Apparently he busted his helmet on the MTB and is currently looking not only for a new helmet, but someone to buy and give his MTB the TLC it needs. Glad to see you back BN, hope all gets better for you really soon!

Miles And Madness: Apparently Dominic feels like Judi is Over Trained? I had no idea that was even possible, but I am curious what is up with all of the chicken kabobs that I’ve been running into this passed Memorial Day, anyone have an explanation on this? I’ve heard of, like, 8 people who did kabobs. Anyway, there’s also a really boss video of her Doberman taking down a couple of turkey necks for dinner.

Let’s Rock… : Finally, and this one is a fun one, congratulations to YeahDog on her First Night with her hubby Dan in the new place. Lisa, you had me at Crazy Bread! Sounds like a really nice, quiet place. Congrats, hope you guys enjoy it for many years to come!

Well, that’s all she wrote for now, what are you waiting for? Get out and ride! As usual, I’m the Phun Cyclist, you stay classy Cleveland.


yeahdog said...

Thanks for the congrats! The lack of internet in the home has severely cut down on my blogging/wasting time quota being met.

Judi said...

Hey yea - I am not over trained. At all. He just likes to give me shit.

The kabobs were delish!!