12 May 2008

National Ride To Work Week & Riding Pissed Off

Today will be two, two, two posts in one! I don't really have a whole lot to say so I'm going to give you two quick thoughts.

First off I'd like to point out that this is day one of ride to work week. While I'm not riding in today, crazy morning rain in the forecast, I am hoping the weather will cooperate so I can ride in Friday (National Ride To Work Day), but it looks like with the exception of tomorrow night there is rain everyday this week. I'd love to know what everyone who rides into work does as far as making themselves presentable to the public after the ride in. Where I work we have no way to clean up from a ride, and I can't go through the day looking and smelling like crap. Seriously, if you have any ideas I'd love to hear them.

This weekend I only got one short run in on Saturday. Late out of work Friday with a mild case of food poisoning or something and Mothers Day and, like, forty something degree torrential downpours (it IS spring, right?). Anyway, I had a metric crap ton of stuff to get done Saturday too Long story short, the whole day, er weekend, had me pissed as hell which lead me to a realization. I LOVE to ride when I'm mad. I think that may just be the answer to the whole thing. I just need to find the right person to push my buttons so I get super torqued off, gnash my teeth, and crush on my bike. Tonight I will get to ride. We're starting the first of what should become many rides from work. We're probably going to ride after work tomorrow, but we are likely going to start lunch and after work rides depending on the day and such, so that has me excited. If this starts to go well, I may just start a run in the neighborhood at 6:00PM or something weekly, anyone be interested in riding with us would have the opportunity, I'll keep you guys up to date if that happens.

Well, that's about it. Get some good rides in and keep checking in!


Judi said...

I always wondered that myself. How you clean up after riding.

nulinegvgv said...

just take a hand towel into the office bath room and wipe down as you change. apply deodorant- maybe a touch of cologne- and you're good to go. if you smell that bad, you ought to think about changing what you eat.