02 May 2008

Sometimes I Just Have To Be Serious

Anyone who knows me really well knows I'm usually like that kid who never grew up, but I do have a very serious side. This is one of those times. I've been going back and forth today as to whether or not I should say something. I wanted to say something, but I didn't want to say the wrong words. I didn't want to seem insincere, or make people question why I say the things I do. After a long day and far too many slow points in the day with time to think I'm just going to come out and tell a story. You can make what you want of it, you can do what you will, but please take my advice.
I started the morning as I always do in what I like to call my "morning haze". Since I gave up coffee it's just kind of that way. The sky was extremely ominous, it was raining, and it was gray. It was the kind of day that people with seasonal affective disorder don't like to deal with. I don't believe I has SAD, and I hate dealing with them. I went about my usual morning muesli, didn't have a spoon, watered my plants at the office and sat down to work. I grabbed my lunch and sat down after for my usual lunchtime tradition of blogs. I got through a couple of them and got to Fatty's. For those of you who don't know Fatty, I think I speak for every single person who reads his blog when I say we feel like we know him very intimately. He has let the readers into the innermost personal depths of his, and his families lives through his blog. Often it's funny, sometimes it's serious. Today, unfortunately, it was way, way, way too serious. I don't say that in a bad way, Fatty, Elden, needed to say it. Elden left me in a whirlwind of emotions. Part of me went back to my fathers passing of cancer, part of me starting somewhat selfishly thinking about my family and thanking God that so far my family has been blessed with good health, but mostly I just cried. I sat and read, and reread the post and cried a bit more. I didn't even want to comment. I posted something, just to let Elden and Susan know that I will continue to think of and pray for their family as so many other readers had, but really... what can be said. A perfect example is: I feel like I've droned on enough about this. So, with that I want everyone who sees this to do something. Please take minute to go to Fat Cyclist and read Like Dandelion Seeds. Once you've done that I can't tell you what to do after, BUT! Please do something. If it's donating to Mike Roadie's LiveStrong Challenge, or Huntsman Cancer Institute. Even if you are not able to make a donation you still can do something. Pray, please keep Elden, Susan and their four children in your thoughts, hearts, and Prayers.
I think I speak for everyone who's a regular of your blog Elden when I say this. We love you and your family like our own. You guys can beat this, you WILL beat this, you have to... God Bless.


Judi said...

We can only hope to HELL they beat this cancer shit! Makes me MAD this can happen to such GOOD people.

Ron said...

thanks for the link. i dont follow a lot of his posts but this one i will..

Cycling Phun said...

Judi: Yeah, not really any words in the English, er American (laugh), language to describe how much or how intricately I loathe cancer. Likewise how baffling it is that we can't get control of it, and how it's spiraling out of control presently.

Ron: Good to hear man. As a sidebar, like the Sunday shorts this week. The tube dispenser was cool, could use it now, and the nail was just tough.