13 May 2008

Careful What You Wish

You may remember yesterdays post where I mentioned that I ride way hard when I am pissed off. I think I went so far as to allude to the fact that maybe I need someone to piss me off berfore I ride, er actually to quote "I just need to find the right person to push my buttons so I get super torqued off, gnash my teeth, and crush on my bike." Yeah, right, you DO know exactly where this is going. So anyone who has a job knows that Monday's are notorious "what fire will I have to put out today" days. This was surely no exception. Dare I say, in the world of Monday fires this was the equivalent of a suitcase nuke, a la the show 24. I'm not going to get into the specifics of the situation because not only is it not my place, but all involved could have bad feelings, and I could wind up canned, and, well, it would just add fuel, read that as plutonium? to the fire, uh, aforementioned suitcase nuke. Anyway, the second it happened I was like, "screw it, my day is done!" The saving grace was I brought my MTB to ride this evening. I grabbed my bike, and in my suit, took it to a warehouse in the area not being used and proceeded to pound out some laps around the building in slacks, a shirt, a tie, and dress shoes. Sadly I do not have a picture of it, but I assure you it looked pretty slick. So I actually managed to get some work done today, ate SUPER well, read as healthy, and 6:00PM came, and went. I was riding with John at work, 6:30 came. John got his bike and realized the back tire was dead flat, like no air at all. My trusty Specialized Air Tool Comp would not grab onto the valve, WTF?! So we walked it a few doors down to a service station and filled the back tire. Now 7:00 and all is well, we got out and started on the way. We took a bit of a leisurely ride. When all was said and done an hour and a half and about 20 miles later we got back with zero sunlight and high forties for temps, by the way I was in shorts and luckily thought to pack the arm warmers... it was cool to say the least. But you know what, when it comes down to it, it was so worth it. We stopped and checked out some sights, and just enjoyed ourselves. I got to just enjoy myself and not have to worry about who is getting dropped or who I have to fight to keep up with. It was just a great ride. It was this kind of ride:
Sorry, I know it could be better, but it was a phone cam.

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