21 May 2008

Weekly Roundup May 21

I had my first bail on the MTB this past week. It was totally cool, and all is well so that is good too. Coming up on a three day weekend, I’m going to have some time to ride, likely all three days. What are your plans for the weekend? Besides riding this weekend? The Weekly Roundup!

Fat Cyclist: I’m totally blown away, that is all I can say about Fatty’s blog and the awesome people who are regulars. The New Fat Cyclist Jerseys: Sold Out In One Day! The short story is that the men’s pink sold out in eight minutes, by the end of the day Tuesday (the day they went on sale) the men’s orange were done and the women’s pink sold out in the afternoon on Wednesday. The best news is tat all of the proceeds from those jerseys, and some special surprises put together by x.com>Twin Six, will go to help Fatty’s wife in her battle with cancer. Keep checking Fatty’s site for more great posts, more updates on Susan. Win Susan, WIN!

Bike Munky: Bike Munky shares a story that I think everybody faces at some point. For me the affair was Diet Pepsi Max, for Munky The Affair is with his road bike. Apparently the mountain bike has forgiven him, and they have come to an amicable understanding.

Cozy Beehive: Ron gives us one serious and one humorous this week. I am quickly becoming an addict of CB. I really like the engineering aspect that Ron offers. Cardboard Bicycle is just as it sounds. Someone out of a container company decided to find a way to engineer a bike entirely out of cardboard, and it’s way cool. Likewise, How Bicycle Helmets Are Made is a video showing (the obvious) how bicycle helmets are made, start to finish.

Harp Rider: Harp’s post on his recent race, theRace Report: Psycowpath #3 Platte River Battle Royale is a quickie about his recent endurance event. Apparently he loved the new Marin, but would’ve appreciated a bit more time to break it in. In the end it seems as though fun was had, and Harp seems to have come to the conclusion that he wants to challenge himself to race an endurance again. Keep plugging along bro, by the way… Really like the new Marin!

Miles And Madness: Judi got some new New Gear, and she is lucky its girlee gear or I might try to steal the helmet. I need a helmet…

Well, that’s all she wrote for now. When you’re done reading this, get you butt out and ride, OK? As usual, I’m the Phun Cyclist, you stay classy Cleveland.

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