20 May 2008

Sunday Ride

So, to continue on from yesterdays horrific post...
I got up early, went to church and left in a rain storm after to go to the LBS Spin. On todays to do list, bribe Thom with some beer to cut the chain off of the Rockhopper for a cleaning and lube job. By the way I'm really digging the Pedro's Extra Dry, for the record if Pedro's would like to send me some stuff I assure you I would not complain. Anyway, I hung out while he gave it a once over lubing cables, checking over the now broken in drive-train, and doing a basic checkup. God bless him for putting up with me for the half-hour or so I was monopolizing his time. These guys are good, really good, and patient like nothing I've seen before. If I haven't mentioned it before, if you're in Ohio and need a bike look up Spin. It cleared up nice while I was in Spin, which was cool on account I wanted to ride after I was finished. I finished up, bought a seat bag for the MTB, and the second I opened the front door the sky opened up. It poured for about thirty minutes and then? Then it was like a different world. It was still wicked cold for May, about mid forties, maybe fifty, but it was sunny and dry. Of course I had to take the newly tuned bike out for a spin. I hit some of the local roads for about five miles or so, moved onto some trails for a bit, a nice couple mile loop a few times, some hilly areas, a few times around the one mile loop, and finally some more roads to get home and wind down. All in all it made for a really nice end to a weekend. This weekend in the States is Memorial Day, and that means a three day weekend! I'm still finalizing the weekend but it looks as though there will be four days of riding to look forward to, pending no sudden interruptions. So what are your plans for the weekend?
Oh, and one more quickie, congratulations to Fat Cyclist for the huge success that was the launch of the New Fat Cyclist Jerseys. I was one of the few, the proud who were on the site right at noon central when the launch went live and by the time I got my address and credit card info in the large mens pink jerseys were totally sold out. As a matter of fact, all fifty of the pink mens jerseys sold out in eight minutes! Many of the others were well on their way to selling out as well, and by the time this post hit the web I wouldn't be surprised to see many more items sold out. Check out the New Fat Cyclist Jerseys and get all of the updates, including all the inside info on the special surprise items that Twin Six put out as a surprise to Fatty and all of his readers. There is some really, really cool stuff available. As a reminder, all of the proceeds of the Fat Cyclist gear goes to the Win Susan fund, to help Fatty's wife kick cancers ass! God bless Susan and family!

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Highwaymunky said...

Got mine. Missed out on the pink one's too. Gutted I was trying to get on 15 mins afer the launch!

All men's jerseys are sold out now!

Can't wait to get it!

Go team fatty!