22 May 2008

Weight, A Minute

First I want to take one minute to be giddy, I got home from work today to find this... That's right folks, the Twin Six guys were really on their "stuff" and must have got the Fat Cyclist stuff out the day the orders were placed. I got the shirt and my bottles and stuff today! Not 48 hours after I ordered it, kudos guys! I love my shirt, it's a decent consolation for not getting a jersey I suppose. I also got some surprise goodies that I'm not going to go into right now, that's for another day. I will clue you in on something, the goodies are really cool, and I'm sharing! I'm going to try to get to that next week, but it might be the week after depending how much work I'll have to catch up on after Memorial Day.
For no I want to talk about an issue that has me so hot right now I could spit. Sidebar: (It's been a while so I thought I'd throw one in here) What the hell does that mean anyway? "So mad I could spit." When I get mad I've been known to throw out some colorful words, throw things, and generally crush the closest (now) disposable object, but spit? Really? OK, back to the subject.
One thing that makes me horribly mad is weight. Read that as gaining weight, food, fat, consumption, however you need to in order to get the point. I was sub 185 at Thanksgiving, and I'm back just over 190. More specifically between 190 and 193 depending on the day. I mean, I know I got a bit lax around the Holidays and there were birthdays and such but eight pounds? Really? So I've come to a few conclusions. One is that I have too many luncheons at work. It seems like every week I have a business lunch to go to, and they don't serve muesli, and I generally like what it is they are serving. I have been making a point of trying to stick to salad, and sometimes lean protein when available (Read: fish or baked chicken). I've also started to notice something else here. Tell me if I'm wrong, is it WAY more expensive than ever before to eat healthy? I was at the store and bought the fruit and veggies that I've always bought that used to be, like, under $30. Go to the register and it was, like, $62! What the heck, man?! I think that there's a conspiracy to make me (and others) fat! For the same amount of money I could go out and purchase a Kiwi or a, *insert your (least?) favorite value meal here. The good news? With gas being a necessity to get goods from point A to point B (be it by train or truck) the prices are likely to skyrocket from here, so we likely won't be able to afford to eat. Man I'm not looking forward to that. It really is a catch 22, isn't it?


Highwaymunky said...

The secret to eating cheaply and healthily is to grown your own! It's great! We are getting an allotment (rented green space) to grow our own fruit, veg and get chickens too!

Mike said...

I haven't received my Fatty order yet, hopefully today or tomorrow. Be careful with the salad, it might not be as healthy as you think. Depending upon the salad dressing you put on and other toppings (bacon bits, etc.). When I'm out to lunch I too generally will get a salad, if they don't have low fat dressing then I'll go without or I'll get Salsa on the side and use that as Salad Dressing. In fact at home I'll typically go with a salsa instead of low fat dressing, low fat dressing still has way more calories and fat than good ol' salsa.

Judi said...

Phun - just stop eating past 8pm, and avoid sugar 5 days a week. You'll lose the weight.

YES - it is WAY more $$ to eat healthy than not. :( It is just going to get worse too.

I haven't gotten my Fatty jerseys. I hope they have enough.

Sprocketboy said...

You can save a lot just by buying produce in season. I make a lot of soups, and take them to work to reheat. They fill you up, are low in calories and taste great, besides being brainlessly-easy to make.

Just remember, that cycling engine will never put out its maximum on low-grade fuel!

Cycling Phun said...

Wow... very cool! I didn't quite expect this cool of a response.

Munky: I would LOVE to, but to be honest I am too lazy when it comes to yard work, hey! Just trying to be honest.

Mike: I don't do dressing whenever possible, I think it ruins salad, so THAT it good I guess. I like lots of veggies on my salad and sometime I do put salsa, really good call there!

Judi: I don't do the after 8:00, I can't say the same about sugar though. Did I mention I'm pissed I missed out on the pink jersey?

Sprocket: Very good points, I could seriously use some really good soup recipes, I'm very picky and don't like most that I've found. Please HELP! If you have a couple good ones, hit me up with them at my contact me or if you have my email directly there, I'd appreciate it. PS Still lovin the muesli, turned three at work onto it too!

Sprocketboy said...

Ask and ye shall receive: