15 May 2008

Donate To Help Susan Nelson (Fat Cyclists Wife) Fight Cancer

I have to preface this by saying I'm not trying to be rude or pushy but when I think there is something worth saying or talking about I like to take the opportunity to make sure it's said. With that said, I think it's always really awesome to see people pull together to help through prayer, donations, and kind words. There have been a lot of people who are doing things to benefit Susan Nelson (the wife of Fat Cyclist) in some way and I wanted to take a quick moment to throw together a list of where you could donate to directly help Susan in her fight against cancer, or generally help in the fight against cancer. Fat Cyclist, the man not the blog, has been gracious enough to keep his regular readers of FatCyclist, this time the blog not the man, up to date on how his wife Susan has been doing. If you read his blog you know that it's like a giant worldwide family, and I know there are a lot of people who might want to help out, here are a few ways:

If you would like to help Susan directly by donating to help cover medical expenses, medical devices, just general needs of the Nelson family, as well as travel for family to come out and help, you can do so through a special fund that they've set up: Win Susan Fund. The email address for payment is winsusannelson@gmail.com.

Also, Fatty and Twin Six have teamed up again for Fat Cyclist's 2008 jersey. You can find out more at 2008 Fat Cyclist Jersey Coming Soon. They will go on sale at NOON Central time Monday May 19th, and I have little doubt that they will sell out VERY quickly. This year all of the proceeds from both jerseys will go to help Susan.

Ultra Rob has a website and has an article titled: How I'm Going To Help Fat Cyclist. I encourage you to check it out if need to buy some gear. The short story is this, next Monday and Tuesday the 19th and 20th when you use Ultra Rob's Outdoor Gear Search to purchase bike gear and other goodies, he'll donate all of the commissions to the Win Susan Fund.

A regular of the Fat Cyclist Blog, Mike Roadie, is going to be doing the San Jose LiveStrong Challenge in honor of Susan this year, and you could donate to Lance Armstrong Foundation through Mike Roadies LiveStrong Challenge Site.

The final site I'll leave you with for now is one that Fatty talked about earlier. The hospital that Susan was in a while back, The Hunstman Cancer Foundation. Huntsman is equally an awesome place and it's founder, Jon Huntsman, is an amazing man with an inspiring story of philanthropy.
I encourage you, if you can, to take a minute to donate as much or as little as you see feasible, and whether you can donate monetarily or not please take a moment every day to keep Susan and family in your thoughts and prayers.

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