27 June 2008

Things Are Looking Up

I'm getting to a good point, again, I think. I'm down five over the weekend. It's been a combination of muesli and, (gulp) admittedly, some crashing a bit. I've really cut back on my intake and I've been keeping it to a lot of really lean protein, fruit, and vegetables. The wife has actually been helping a lot with stuff like this... I figure Harp should like this; salmon with green beans in a dash of olive oil with garlic and fresh cracked pepper. Mmmmm, good stuff.
Also, I took the advice of the one and only Bluenoser. (YEA! I get to do a) Sidebar: By the way Blue, I would love an explanation on the term "bluenoser" when you have a minute. I will throw a guess that it has something to do with living in the cold of Nova Scotia, but that's strictly a guess. Anyway, I took his advice and got out to buy... It's broken down into a twelve week program. Said program will commence this weekend and run for twelve weeks. If anyone else is interested in doing it with, go grab the book and hit me up in comments or via the contact me link top right. I'll start one week from Sunday (beginning of the week). It says to read the entire book first, and I'm just trying to remain realistic about my actually getting through the entire book, so Sunday July 6th it is. That should also give you time to buy it and catch up if you desire.
Finally, I took Judi's advice, kind of... I took it down, not all the way, but cleaned the beard at the request of "Mrs Phun". Happy wife, happy life. Still unsure about the legs though.
Now my only hope is that they are way wrong about the thunderstorms now through at least Tuesday. They haven't been wrong that often lately, so let's keep our fingers crossed, right? No thunder, no lighting, we ride.


Bluenoser said...

See Phun, you clean up real well. I'll explain what I know about the name in a post this weekend.


Judi said...

Nice. Well I should say "better". I like the Mr. Clean look with a goatee. Every guy I have dated since I was 18 had a shaved head and goatee. LOL.

Shave the legs. For real dude.

sprider said...

Phun, I'm with Judi, shave em, but be careful.

If you do the "hairy boxer" shave, you could conceivably leave the house without pants, and nobody may notice (at least for a short time). If not, where do you stop?

If you ever do a ride or race where there is a massage therapist after, you'll get a much better rubdown with the smooth gams. Worth any ribbing you may get.

Judi said...

Better yet WAX those puppies!

Cycling Phun said...

HA HA HA! Judi: YES! I'm so going to regret this, but...
I love the metro sexuality that is getting my eyebrows waxed. So much so I told the wife that I'd like to try and have them wax my legs for the cycling season. I have almost no pain tolerance generally, but when it comes to that I'm cool. I'm that guy who eats wicked hot peppers just for fun, and to make myself sweat and stuff.
Sprider: Your picture just creeps me the hell out, man. I'm not worried about doing a race for probably a year, more likely two. I think it should be legs and back... nair dip! Yeah, full nair dip. That would be cool.
BN: Thanks you, kind sir. Can't wait to hear it!

Bluenoser said...

You do know that there are measurements involved in this. You know, if you feel like posting anything.