26 June 2008

To Shave Or Not To Shave? That Is The Question.

So I guess everyone has one of those questions that they just cannot seem to answer. For me I have a life full to the brim that, due to my ridiculously sever indecisiveness, I cannot, or will not, ever have answers to. I'm "that guy" who will argue for hours because "I just don't care. Figure out what YOU want to do, and I'll be OK with it." Yeah, you guessed it, my wife hates me a good portion of the time. So with all of this said I face yet another conundrum that has me wracking my brain. Be warned the following is not pretty, but what I cannot seem to come to terms with is do I shave `em, or let `em go?
That bad boy will pop if you click it, but unless you're a masochist why would you do that?

Anyway, I can say this much, they're already itchy and the hair annoys. When I'm rocking out in the lycra, the silicone strips pull the hair and annoy. The hair pokes out the lycra and, yeah you guessed it, is so annoying. BUT! The other side of this proverbial coin is do I really want to deal with all of the crap my non-cycling friends will surely want to dish out. Will I just look like a fred since I'm not some crazy racer, or hardcore trainer. I just don't know. Furthermore, if I shave the legs, what's next? I mean, I am thinning Yes ladies, I know I'm a looker. Sorry to say, though, I'm taken. I know, it's hard to hear bu... Oh sorry, sarcasm.

Anyway, I AM pretty thin up top, will that be next? The scruffy beard is already annoying me in the summer heat, so that baby is as good as gone. I just don't know...


Highwaymunky said...

I wouldn't do it but it would be funny to laugh at you itching!

I've thought about too.... but I'm hairy and have all on shaving my face every couple of days never mind my legs.

But can you have shaved legs and leave a hairy back?

Go on be brave, shave your self from head to foot, and go out like a streamlined eel onto the road!

Bluenoser said...

Wow, I was trying to eat breakfast Phunster. Don't do that to a hardcore roadie. More about the mountain bike business later. ( could it a new bike in my life??)


Bluenoser said...

Be even...

Lazy Lowrydr said...

Dude, you have more hair on those knees than your head. Shave them already, for love of God shave.

Judi said...

my makeover for you would be the following:

shave the beard into a goatee. shave the hair down into a very very short buzz cut. get a full body wax. no hair anywhere. you are WAY hairy don. LOL.

my b/f shaves and he almost always is smoother than me! i love it. he doesn't give a shit what people say.

Cycling Phun said...

Munky: Haha, a streamlined eel, there's a visual. I'm seriously going back and forth, likely I won't shave the legs anyway.

Bluenoser: Sorry, did I make you throw up a bit in your mouth? Mountain bike, eh? Didn't you just sell... never mind.

Lazy: How come I have a feeling I know who you are?

Judi: I had the head Mr Clean before, with a goatee. Also had it clean sans goatee. Likely the head will be clean or close by the weekend. Maybe tonight. Probably.

Bottom line: I would just love to get a Nair Dip.

Bluenoser said...

Well big D it's like this. Al filled me in on the fact that my old bike was way to small for me. I'm now the proud owner of a bike that is made by GF. And fits.

D you want to lose weight? lose the hair You're one big hairball shave you'll look a lot thiner.

Just sayin'


Sprocketboy said...

Some of my female friends were horrified when I said I was going to shave my legs ("Because that's what Real Cyclists do!") but were, uh, intrigued with the results, shall we say. It looks a lot neater with the shorts and everything and when I use Start-Oil it is a lot less messy. Go for it! I actually found the razor too complicated so switched to a cream, which is not as bad as you would think. Be Mr. Smooth!