17 June 2008

Oh The Joy! Oh, And Son Of A...

First the joy part, and this is a really minimal amount of joy which is while I'll blow it all upfront. Joy part one: I got the laptop back today. Furthermore, as of yesterday the warranty is officially done. Positive side? To fix a latch problem, the replaced the entire screen at no charge! Yeah, I know it's pretty sick! But, that's why I've always bought, and will only buy, Apple. I know I sound like fanboy, but it's true. Apple is just great when it come to making a quality product, and they've ALWAYS backed it up for me every time I've needed service. Joy part two: I recently mentioned ChainLove. You may remember I crashed the helmet and the visor cracked off a piece of the foam. Judi suggested I call Specialized and see what, if anything, they would do about it. I figured couldn't hurt to ask. They aren't willing to do anything to replace it, the guy apologized, I told him 'hey it was a long-shot. I'm the tool that busted it, right?', he offered up a 20% off certificate I could take with the busted helmet to a dealer to get a new helmet, and that was that. They're a cool company, they don't need to do a thing, but offered that up, cool. I would have been dumbfounded if they were willing to do something since it was my fault and the helmet did what it was supposed to. With that said, I was on ChainLove and noticed a Limar Helmet. Apparently they are 'The Helmet Specialists', or so I'm told, or so the slogan says. So it was supposedly a $100 brain bucket for $25, looks cool enough, only time will tell I guess and it was only 25 bills so if it sucks live and learn, right?
OK, now that I got that out of the way, the bad side of the post. Freakin' weight! I'm been holding in the 195+/- range. I can't figure this out for the life of me. I realize I am probably still/again a fat-ass, but come on! I do the muesli thing to no avail. I ride and I'm up 2 pounds over the following morning. I eat tapeworms and... OK the tapeworm thing is a lie, but... I drink enough water to kill a person, I think we figured it out at work as 200 ounces on a bad day. I'm dead serious when I say that too. It goes 6-8 16.9 Oz bottles at work during the day at work, plus a few glasses from the cooler, plus 4-6 24 Oz tumblers (yes they are tumblers and that is what I call them. Stop it! I get enough crap from my wife for calling them tumblers, but it's what they are) of water in the evening from dinner to bed time. I also lose some sleep on account I now wake at least twice during the night to take care of the water intake, I feel this is a problem as well. To further confuse the situation my clothes, the new ones not the fat boy ones, still fit and still fit the same. I could make the argument that 'it's probably muscle weight', but that would just be a lie. I am about as week as I've ever been. That's to say; I have really great calves, and stunning good looks but the upper body strength of a five year old. I know, I need to workout more. These things will have to come with time. For now I need Fatty to have his annual weight loss challenge or something. It's the same problem I have with riding, and I know what it is. Accountability. I have no one in my life that is a serious about either subject. Whether it's to ride with regularly, or to keep in and be kept in line weight wise with. I need someone to be there crawling up my, er, in my face holding me accountable.


Bluenoser said...

Yes on the Apple gear. I will always buy from them.

Cool on the helmet.

I know about the weight. I'm hovering 193-5lbs. I know what the problem is for me is the stuff with the hops. Empty calories. I'll email you a quick and dirty workout plan that I'm using later this evening Phunster.

I'll be the evil eye.


Judi said...

Cool that Specialized offered 20% off. Long shot, yea.

I think you need to stop eating past 7pm. That will help you l;ose some weight.