16 June 2008

Crazy Weekend

So the weekend was seemingly disastrous. Friday night was a thunderstorm, lots-o-lightning, no ride. Saturday started very much the same way, followed by work, followed by some stuff that needed to get done, followed by an evening at Great Lakes Brewery. That was cool but beer is, well, beer and by nature empty, but delicious, calories. Sunday was Church and family stuff for fathers day, but then a ray of sunlight. Something I've been kind of wanting to get accomplished. I started a garden. Its small right now, and a bit late to put one in which is why it's small. So I have enough to get going and see where it takes me. If all goes well I figure I can put in a full fledged, hardcore garden next year.
Another thing happened and I don't know how to feel about it. To full explain this I feel I have to explain that I lost my $300 prescription sunglasses at the pool last week. Surprisingly I was no where near as mad as I would have been had a lost my non-prescription Oakleys. Kinda messed up, no? I know, but I LOVE my Oakleys. I have to admit I am a bit of an Oakley whore. I have two pair of shades, both are probably considered vintage by now, for what it's worth, and two more pair of prescription Oakleys. I went through a time where I sold two other pairs (Blades and Razor Blades) way back in the day. I now regret that too. At any rate, It looks like it's time to consider a pair of Oakley prescription shades. For the time being and until I have the financial means to get the Oakleys I found Alterna Eyewears "Free Sunglasses" deal at their website. I use the quotes because there is never a free lunch, right? Or is there? I read a lot online about these guys and it seems kind of legit. What the offer is is "Up to four pair of glasses free if you pay shipping and handling". That ranges from $6-$19/pair. Also you can get cases for free+S/H, and if you order FOUR pair of glasses you could get a chronograph for free+S/H. So, again, I am leery of the proverbial fine print. The ONLY thing clearly visible is that they will send more glasses occasionally unless you cancel the service. So, anyone out there hear about this? Just curious.
Finally, I am anxious and excited, the laptop is back tomorrow (or so I'm told), so hopefully this blog will suck less after that. Sorry if today's post is kind of rambly, I'll try harder tomorrow, I promise!

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Bluenoser said...

Kind of. That sys it all for me. Is this a Rolex? Kind of. Or why don't you just kind of step off that cliff?

I know. I use Kind of a lot myself Phunster.

Happy gardening.