31 May 2010

My Buddy Rich Is Crazy...

I'm writing this in hopes that my buddy Rich isn't going to be pissed at me, but I had to talk him up. You see, Rich is riding cross country for LiveStrong. Thats right folks, 4,500 miles from Yorktown, VA to Astoria, OR. Crazy, probably but Rich is incredibly badass. With that in mind, Rich will be fundraising for LiveStrong while he is out riding. He leaves Tuesday, June 1 and will take three months going cross country seeing the sites along the way.

If you are able and/or interested, you can donate to his LiveStrong page. I will also make sure that I update his progress when I hear from him.

Let the journey begin! Dipping his rear tire in York River/Atlantic Ocean, Yorktown Virginia... Astoria Oregon or bust!!! Only 4500 miles to go... Holy crap!!!

Godspeed, Rich! Keep fighting the good fight for LAF!

1 comment:

Red Bike said...

I have no idea just how people cope with such large mileages everyday on trips like this. Major respect.