18 February 2010

The Olympics And Fitness

HAPPY LENT, to all of my fellow Catholic friends! Today is Ash Wednesday, and I am SO buried in work, work, home, family, work, LIFE! I haven't slept through the night in at LEAST six months, I'd argue probably more like almost a year now. I quite honestly don't know how the hell I'm even functioning at this point. On the positive side? I am still in the 188 range. The reason this is good, I have managed to keep my shit (weight) in the high one-eighties and out of the one-nineties. I have been half-ass exercising, I have been kind of watching what I eat, but I have been keep consistent. Yay for me? What ever. This summer in the saddle is going to prove to be a bitch.

Sidebar: I am SO into the Winter Olympics this year! Kudos to America's hat for hosting a wicked great Olympic Games! Shaun White, you are the most sickest on EARTH! BEST snowboard halfpipe run I've EVER seen! Lindsey Vonn, you are so hot! I just LOVE IT! I seriously wish I could blow off work, stay home, and watch! I'm even getting into the thing where they throw the giant cheese wheel down the ice (curling). I'm just loving it! For now, that''s all I have. I promise to get more consistent soon, once I get some TITS (Time In The Saddle - I stole that from Judi). Hope you're all enjoying life!

I will likely move a weekly round up to Friday or Saturday, and OH! Likely a post will come Sunday or Monday, also likely it will relate to the beer event I am going to be at Sunday. Sorry...

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Bluenoser said...

Ahh excuse me Phunster... but we Canucks are hosting the winter games. And we will have the bills for the next who knows how many years to prove it.