29 December 2009

A Sad Day On The Horizon

It is truly a sad day... Why, you ask? Because the LBS (local bike store) has seen the end of an era. The east side Cleveland location of Spin Bike Shop will close tomorrow, December 30th. The Lakewood location will remain open, but alas Willoughby shall be no longer.

If you're in the NE Ohio area, they have some really sweet deals going on through tomorrow. Thank you, guys, for all that you have done! If it weren't for the Willoughby Spin crew I likely would not have embraced cycling, or this blog, or any sort of anything resembling fitness. You (the Spin crew) are going to be missed in Willoughby.

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Harp said...

I know the feeling man. The shop that I work at and have been going to since the beginning closed it's original location.