02 January 2010

A New Year And (Hopefully) A New Don?!

The idea of losing weight might just be the end of me! I haven't worked out now in a while, and life's chaos is taking its toll mentally. Because of said mental toll combined with time constraints I have not worked out, much less had a serious ride since, like, July. Let me ask this: ever notice that it's so easy to fall out of fitness and become a total lardass, but when it comes to losing the weight and getting heathy it's bloody murder?! I wish someone could tell me why you could put on ten pounds over a weekend, but it takes two to three weeks to take it back off? Bottom line; I am at 193 now, still, and have a goal weight of 170 lbs. With that I have a little more than six months to get into better physical shape, that is to say toned. I'm not asking for miracles, I don't expect to be the ripped centerfold in Mens Health (as an aside, why the hell is that there? I don't want to see some dude who is so ripped that he could easily kick my ass. Furthermore, I don't really want to see him shirtless and oiled while I'm sitting on the porcelain throne), but I'd like to get back to where I was a year ago, and then some. Some solid muscle tone. After all, that is what the The Lean Look is all about, and is what I was striving for.

Ugh... it's going to be a rough 2010, isn't it? Back to some regular type training. Intervals, strength, etc. 2009 was a bitch. Had to drop the YMCA membership, working two jobs, the wife picking up a part-time gig... My time was non-existent. Now I just need to hope for time to train in the 2010, and the people to motivate and hold me accountable. I had TWO friends who were serious about riding with me and keeping me accountable last year. I hope I could find the time to really get with some people, and the people to get with to make a difference in 2010.


Big Clyde said...

This sucks...I am in a similiar situation, more or less. I have a much longer fitness road ahead of me, but haven't worked at it since early December. I guess it is time to just essentially start over and crawl back to the workout routines and build back what muscle or fitness I might have lossed over the holidays.

Hang in there, Don.

Bluenoser said...

I've a bad back right now Phunster but I'm still mobile and still losing. It's hard to wheel the wheelbarrrow up to the table with a bad back so I'm down to 187 now and holding.

So if a gimp can do it you can... come on.


Lily on the Road said...

Don, don't look back at 2009, look forward to 2010.

The hardest part is the first step (an old cliché, but true none the less).

Don't beat your self up, just make a new game plan and move forward...the first step is push yourself away from the dinner table, you CAN do it!