19 January 2010

Positive Trending

OK, so it has been fifteen days since my last post, once again I will apologize and ask (nay, beg) that you please bear with me while I try to put my life in order. I have seen the official demise of the only cool bike shop within a forty minute drive, I have had countless issues with time, work has been so stagnant that algae is officially starting to grow on it, and there is nearly NOTHING keeping me motivated for shit! I know, I usually do my best to not use vulgarity in my posting but this is the real me. The real pissed off me. The one real advantage to this, is I have had some of the best motivation through my anger.

Example, some of my hardest riding has been right after a blow up over something, or generally bad event in my life getting me so hot that I just go out, put my head down and turn cranks. Arguably one of my best rides turned out like this. I got so zoned that I was staring in front of me, turning cranks, forgot where I was, looked down and I was pacing at about 20 MPH on a flat. I NEVER get up to 20, I usually hit the high end of my comfort zone at 17. Irregardless (Yes I know... I meant it... As an inside joke. It's a pet peeve of mine), anger motivates me.

I do have some positives going on right now. Like the trending down from a high of 195 right after the new year. I had a week of craziness with one of the kids in the hospital for emergency surgery (It's OK... problem solved, everyone is healthy!), and a crazy work schedule (both jobs) that lead to what I'd like to call "convenience eating". You know, when you eat what is convenient, not really what's good. Example, in the part-time job we had Wendy's. So, while we were locked out of the truck, we were sitting in Wendy's... and got a round of Frosty's. At the hospital, a place of health, a Chipotle-esque burrito, not wholly unhealthy, but then again it could be worse.

Bottom line is in the last two weeks, I have dropped back down five pounds, to an even 190. Not nearly as cool as the 179 all time low, but far better than continuing upward. One of the things I have learned is to pick my battles. I'm not going for getting back to perfect shape in a month, I'm going for slow and steady, and to be back as close to my optimal health by the time the snow melts and I'm on the road bike. For now, that means eating better again, and getting back into core workouts, strength workouts, adding in aerobic workouts and intervals, and rebuilding.

So, for now, there you have it! 190 and dropping. Hopefully this will become a trend.


trio said...

I stopped thinking about weight loss before Christmas, as I was too ill. Going to just try and be healthy and not worry about it for now.

Sounds like you are doing well!

Big Clyde said...

Irregardless ;) of your busy recent schedule, have you been drinking beer? Seriously, when I found your blog, I was curious about cycling and beer (two great things, not necessarily great together).

Hope all is well. Congrats on the weight loss. This has just been a busy "season" for you and you will get back to cycling soon. Don't sweat it. And have a pint.

Big Clyde

Cycling Phun said...

Trio: Hope that you are feeling well now! Healthy is the key. Lean and strong is what I am shooting for.

Clyde: Beer has long been a hobby of mine. The problem is I very much enjoy the process of brewing beer and, to an extent - no lie, drinking said beer. I have tried to keep it to a minimum.

I hope the key to losing weight while still maintaining brewing will be moderation, if not it's a bridge I'll cross when I come to it.

Bluenoser said...

Well Phunster, glad to see you hanging in there. I started hanging with a local Tri group to get some spin workouts in. Weight is slowly coming down which is good and the back is healing up. Got the CatScan the other day and it is frigged but livable.

Hang in buddy things will clear up. Summer is coming.


Judi said...

did i ever tell you that d used to brew beer?

winter - meh. it's almost done, kind of.